This is why I do video

I believe people overlook something that’s obvious to me..
The benefit of capturing life as it unfolds, and making stuff with it.
I’ve know no better way to authentically transmit your message than through digital video, nor do I know of any better way to build rich memories. I wish my grandma had a YouTube channel that I could reflect and learn from—but we didn’t have digital media then. Now we do, and that changes everything.

Business media services

Sometimes, your business is your baby, and the first steps you want to see are those first conversions from your new digital-friendly sales model. I can be a little sentimental, but when it comes to seeing your business grow, and that sweet pay-off of your intention and effort, there’s nothing more satisfying than being a part of that celebration.

Sometimes, though, growth isn’t your goal. And that’s okay.
Maturing with your company means you don’t always remember the thousand little wins that have taken your business from A to Z and back. That’s where I come in. You, your clients, and your friends, will marvel at the heroic journey taking place at the heart of your company. It is a story that must be told well.

Personal media services

Your partner’s smile, your natural beauty, or your grandma’s wisdom are gifts.
For this short time, we can experience them in their spendor, and with digital media, their spirit can now outlive us all.
For all history we loosely passed stories and lessons down through spoken-word.
But now, we can pass on our knowledge and perspective, perfectly preserved, and intentfully crafted.

…Or, ya know I can help you chronicle your corporate takeover too, that’s cool.

Video consultation services

It takes a lot to start building your library, but you don’t have to do it alone. I will help you get started and find your flow so sharing your life with your loved ones doesn’t get in the way of actually living your life. With a little practice and direction, you can make home videos fit for the modern era. I have found nothing as fulling as capturing a great day and making it into a video that cements my memories into a form that will outlive even me, and I think you’ll like it too..
Let me help you tell your tale.