I’ve always sought to be better than I am, and though this seeking has brought a lot of chaos into my life, it’s also brought me the things I hold most dear—my partner Emma, my audience (you), and my imperfectly sufficient belief in myself.

This is the sequence of events in my life that have led me here. It’s by no means comprehensive. I will be filling it out further as I keep coming back to it and will compile into long-form once I find the words.

1986 - I was born
2004 - I graduated from Ventura High School in CA
2005 - I left for the military
2009 - I moved to Vegas and became a drone operator
2010 - I had major epiphanies about who I thought I was and started something deeper from life
2011 - I honorably separated from the Air Force
- I met a girl who, from then on, would be the love of my life
- I took ayahuasca and my dad died
- I left that wonderful girl to go find myself
2012 - I entered an international firespinning tournament in Mexico
- I learned Spanish
- I took more Ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle, Peru
2013 - I started Avalon Fire Arts in LA
- I joined forces with Jordan @ Spirit Science
2014 - I moved back to Vegas with my friend Leo Starwind
- I got Lasik to fix my nearsightedness
- I got licensed in massage therapy after a year of school
2015 - I rejoined forces with Jordan @ Spirit Science
That didn’t end well, but me and Jordan are good
- I moved in with Leo in Portland, OR
- Jonathan moved in too
- I moved back to LA to pursue a relationship with Emma
- I girlfriended her up and have been boyfriending her ever since
2016 - I started Philosafari, my philosophy and communication blog
- I got a job in IT at Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara
2017 - I got a camera and started making little videos
- I made my first $1,000 on a video project
2018 - I started making Flowhero with my friend Matt
- I fell in love with the art of and development from storytelling
- I made my $5,000 on a video project
- I got my first therapist
- I got Invisalign to straighten my smile
2019 - Emma and I launched Iggy Bliss and sold our first product
- I learned to prioritize comfort as a necessity in life
- I started focusing on the good in life by making it into content
- I started writing again and built
- I made my first $20,000 on a video project
- I payed my first friend to help me work