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I Quit My Day Job: 1 Day Later

Joshua Marc6 Comments
I Quit My Day Job: 1 Day Later

Howdy friends!

I just finished watching the new Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse.
A recurring theme of the movie that kept being brought back up was that a person never knows when they’re ready.. that it’s a leap of faith. Maybe this struck me a little more because of the gratuitous use of ‘42’, which is always sure to endear me, or maybe I was sort of primed for it because yesterday afternoon, I resigned from my day-job.

It’s not like resigning has been off the table. My video-freelancing work has been picking up lately and I’m becoming more connected with people in my life, so I’ve been feeling more capable of taking the plunge into the unknown freedom of my own making.

I wish it was all good and I could have just left that job gratefully and on a high note. Maybe I could have had a going-away party or something with my co-workers, but I was too insecure to do it that way. I kept waiting for a time when I’d feel truly ready to jump, but it seemed that moment was getting further away, while the business + freelance + day-job situation was hitting critical mass. I waited until I felt ‘right’ about leaving, and that played out more traumatically than it had to because of it.

Now despite this, I am elated. I now have the time and the energy to put toward things in my life that will bring lasting value: business, craft, and relationships.

I write to you from my living room couch in Santa Barbara because I want to offer you an exchange. I offer you my perspective as I go through this in hopes that you can learn from my successes and failures. If you engage with me and with my content, the value for me is inherent.

Thank you for your friendship and engagement. I will be creating mucho content for you guys on all the different little mediums, so follow me on the ones you use.

Let’s see where this thing goes!

Joshua Marc Daniel